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reddeblu reddeblu at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 12 02:28:24 CET 2014

___Mage Wars 3.0 Released!___

Here we are everyone, the long waited update that turned from a few bug
fixes, into whole system overhauls, I hope it was worth the wait. :D 

I want to thank everybody who helped me test the nonliving heak out of
this update over its development, and making great suggestions to better
improving and furthering it. So basically if you don't like the update
you can blame them! :lol: Hehe I'm joking. :P 

Here is the changelog as best as my memory can make from 2.1 to 3.0. It
may not be completely..  complete, but all the major highlights should
be here at least.


  * Removed the status boards and implemented full stat tracking on mage

  * Created a book updater. Now any book made in __"this version"__ or
later can easily be updated if any future updates make changes to the

  * Added all the apprentice and starter books into the module pre
built, simply select a book from the list in the new Book Options menu
in the spell book windows. __WARNING: Do not have two players loading a
pre built book at once, vassal may break reality!__

  * Added dice pieces and got rid of the dice button. You can now find
dice to the right of the play area and roll them separately, or together
in the box.

  * Added reporting for every stat change on every card by every player,
all reports are in the chat window.

  * Conditions and like tokens now have a counter in their top right
corner to keep track of multiples.

  * Removed the peek command. Now you can always view face down cards,
and still know they are face down to your opponent.

  * Fixed the major calculator problem of magic schools capping at 100.

  * Fixed the Forcemaster not calculating arcane creatures in the blue
players spell book.

  * Fixed cards sometimes getting placed in the spell book outside of
reachable space.

  * Fixed many many other things I just can't keep track of, including
the Obliterate command. I swear it works this time.

  * Added black outlines around many tokens.

  * Reduced the file size drastically!.

  * Changed and spruced up the play area a bit.

  * Added an option to toggle realism.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. If anyone encounters
any problems or has any questions about this release, please please post
it here. :) Me and all my volunteer testers did our best to make sure
this release was bug free, but we may not have caught everything. Right
now it seems extremely solid so I decided to release it. If there are
more problems found however, I may release a hot fix update depending on
the severity of the problems found.

And again thanks for playing! :D

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