[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Installed 3.2.10 runs as though it's 3.2.9 and won't go away

alsandor alsandor at rogers.com
Fri Feb 14 23:45:15 CET 2014

> I'm afraid I don't follow you here. Does this mean you went into the
> Control Panel, Programs and Features, found VASSAL in the list,
> right-click and chose Uninstall? 

Essentially yes.  I just choose Program instead of Control Panel and hit
the Uninstall button.

> This is the intended behavior when running the VASSAL installer and
> choosing the Standard option (it looks to find all previous versions
> of VASSAL, then runs the uninstaller for each of them). 

So how come that didn't work before when I installed 3.2.10 and I ended
up with that version and 3.2.9?  I realize they are located in different
directories, but shouldn't it know where the previous one was and erase

> 1. Use the Custom option when prompted during the VASSAL installer

The explanation for custom somehow didn't inspire confidence.  Now I

> 2. Don't use the Windows installer at all! Download the ZIP bundle
> from this page, and simply extract the contents to wherever you would
> like to keep the application. It will happily run from anywhere, and
> you can manually make a shortcut if desired.

Ok.  There are times when I seriously miss DOS 5.0.  Unzip a program,
type the command, go.

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