[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Help - always losing connection to VASSAL server.

jackchampdempsey jackchampdempsey at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 17 15:10:28 CET 2014


My "losing connection" issue:
Doesn't seem to matter which PC or connection type: desktop PC CAT5 to
router, Windows 7
Laptop CAT5 to router or wireless, Windows 8
At time of problem 1desktop, network printer (HP Jetdirect), Apple TV
(CAT5) maybe an Ipad wireless
I ran PINGTEST.NET received an "A" rating for my line with "0" dropped
VASSAL engine: issue occurs with the older 3.1.8 and the newest VASSAL 
game module:  happens on each I attempt:  VASL, Combat Commander,
Gettysburg 150, Storm over Stalingrad.
When online with VASSAL my SKYPE connection works flawlessly (no camera)
just voice
I'm not very technical. Looked in the VASSAL USERS GUIDE.  Support on
Facebook suggested VASSAL docs / help.
Someone suggested port forwarding?  Before I dig out my router manual,
Figured I'd try to ask for help here... 
Maybe find out if the port forwarding, and which ports.  
Thank you.
Any advise / help appreciated.

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