[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Help - always losing connection to VASSAL server.

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Mon Feb 17 15:39:11 CET 2014

Thus spake jackchampdempsey:
> Cheers,
> My "losing connection" issue:
> Doesn't seem to matter which PC or connection type: desktop PC CAT5 to
> router, Windows 7
> Laptop CAT5 to router or wireless, Windows 8
> At time of problem 1desktop, network printer (HP Jetdirect), Apple TV
> (CAT5) maybe an Ipad wireless
> I ran PINGTEST.NET received an "A" rating for my line with "0" dropped
> packets
> VASSAL engine: issue occurs with the older 3.1.8 and the newest VASSAL 
> game module:  happens on each I attempt:  VASL, Combat Commander,
> Gettysburg 150, Storm over Stalingrad.

In order to help you, we need you to be more specific about what's

* Why are you still using 3.1.8?

* What do you think is the "newest"?

* When you connect, how long do you stay connected?

* What is the exact error message you're seeing?

* What's in the errorLog after you lose your connection? (You can get
the contents of the errorLog from the Module Manager's Help menu.)

> Someone suggested port forwarding?

Port forwarding is irrelevant unless you're trying to set up a server.


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