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Mon Feb 17 19:35:15 CET 2014

I may have missed it, but I don't think the ability to shuffle random
cards from the player's discard pile back into the player's deck has
been mentioned.  That is the way the healing mechanic for this game

Also, privacy is not necessary as Pathfinder is fully co-op, but there
is no reason for players to be messing with each others cards so private
windows that are viewable by others would probably be optimal.

8 of the 9 decks actually take up the space of 2 piles.  You have up to
8 locations and then a 9th deck with a discard pile.  Each of the 8
location decks would have a location card located either directly above
or below the deck to indicate what location the deck represents.  There
would also need to be the ability to place the character markers at the
locations.  In the physical game the character markers are cards, the
same size as all the rest of the cards, though for the purposes of
conserving space I could see using smaller markers.

Not sure if it would have to be handled separately or not but what about
escaping villains?  Basically, if a particular card is encountered (the
villain) and there are open locations, a separate stack must be created
containing the villain and a number of other cards equal to the number
of open locations that can then be randomly placed into each of the open
locations and those locations then shuffled.

How do you intend to indicate a location has been temporarily closed as
opposed to permanently?  When playing the physical game we tend to turn
the location 90 degrees when it is temporarily closed.   I suppose you
could just flip the location and use the fact that there are still cards
in its deck to indicate that it isn't really closed.

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