[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Vassal-3.2.10 wont start

Rindis rindis at backbreaker.com
Fri Feb 21 20:07:58 CET 2014

"uckelman" wrote:
> Thus spake Rindis:
> > 
> > Ah, ha. Yep, that was the problem. I'll note that the entry in the
> App
> > menu (which is the Win 8 Start Menu with a different layout) has the
> > problem.
> I don't follow---has *what* problem? Are you saying that the entry in
> the App menu has a bad path? If so, what is the bad path?

The install of 3.2.11 left the shortcut for Vassal pointed at the old
(Progam Files (x86)) path instead of updating to the 64-bit Program
Files path.

Uninstalling and reinstalling generated a correct shortcut.

"uckelman" wrote:
> > I'll also note that my main desktop machine (Win 7) has not had this
> > problem, but all the file extension associations went away when I
> > upgraded to 3.2.11 (was fine with 3.2.10).
> Can you be more specific about this? Did this happen with a custom
> install? With a regular install?
> -- 
> J.

Custom install. I still have 3.1.20 installed as well as the latest
3.2.x (and of course, I occasionally have testing versions installed),
so I always go custom to manage which versions are on the machine. This
has never had a problem (or at least, not *this* problem), but this last
time, the extension associations went away.

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