[messages] [Module Design] Sword of Rome (GMT) - Planning 5 Player Rework

comdotski treade at optusnet.com.au
Sun Feb 23 07:11:28 CET 2014

Just a quick update on the cards ...

I am using GIMP and have noted that the output card size is too large
for the map, not greatly, but if I decide to allow card play to display
onto the map, I think I will need to reduce the image size at some point
in the process.

I have also noticed that if final images are exported as JPG then the
transparency area of the images do not work too well, i.e. the
transparent part of the image displays as white when displayed on the
map in VASSAL. I have discovered that if I export as PNG then the
transparent part of the images do appear transparent on the map in

As such I think that I will be using PNG as the final format imported to
the VASSAL module.

Do you forsee any issues?



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