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Veraxus matt+vassal at mattvanandel.com
Sun Feb 23 17:15:59 CET 2014

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I'm having a hard time finding Vassal practical for most games. I mean,
it works... but the interface appears to be 100% click-based.

For instance, to scroll horizontally in a window, I can't find any
options besides dragging the scroll bars. There's no click-drag (e.g.
Google Maps style) drag-scrolling, there's no OSX multitouch scrolling,
there's no hot-button-pan scrolling. Just scroll bars. :-/

Second, zooming in and out is a major necessity for just about any
large-board game (e.g. Robinson Crusoe, Merchants & Marauders, etc). But
again, the only way to zoom appears to be buttons in a given windows
toolbar! There's no hotkey-scroll zooming, no pinch-to-zoom, no zoom
in/out keyboard shortcuts (the least desirable of all options)... it's
just maddening.

I've tried searching for Vassal shortcuts and usability tips, but I
can't find anything at all. Am I missing something? Is this really just
how Vassal works? Are there really no tricks that I just happened to
miss that can substantially improve usability?

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