[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] 3.2.11 Mac too slow (+ other oddity)

bdgza bdegroot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 22:18:18 CET 2014

"uckelman" wrote:
> We don't happen to have access to a Mac at present, but even if we
> did,
> I wouldn't use it for codesigning. I'm not interested in having a
> build
> process which can't all be done in one place.

If you did it on a Mac you could do all the builds on the Mac :).

"uckelman" wrote:
> > Just out of curiosity, what will Vassal 4 be based on instead of
> Java?
> On a standard, so that clients can be written in anything. The
> reference
> implementation that I'm planning will be in C++.

Although not (yet) required, it will scare off non-pro users if the Mac
version of VASSAL 4 is not Gatekeeper signed with an Apple certificate
(just as it might scare away people on Windows seeing the unsigned
security warning, although they might be more used to clicking away
security dialogs).


[1] http://km.support.apple.com/library/APPLE/APPLECARE_ALLGEOS/HT5290/en_US/HT5290_MAS_DevID-001-en.png
[2] http://codesigning.ksoftware.net/images/run_with_no_code_signing_certificate.png

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