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soft-bug softbug at free.fr
Wed Feb 26 10:08:42 CET 2014


Let me introduce some functional features that would be interesting.
Sorry i don't understand most of technical exchanges, but i guess that
the end user is a "Vassal Designer" for the new Vassal  release :wink: 

__- Meta Objects__

The idea is to include dynamic creation of objets during a game. Like
using a script language, you could create a deck, form ...
A dynamic player registration to a module could affet a private window,
because when you design a module you don't know how many players will
join the game.
It's just an idea, but meta objects could be used and be started by
"triggers" depending of conditions using internal elements (tokens,
cards, counters). For example a deck is created with cards because of
conditions gathered.

You could use Create objet and Kill objet as well ...

This could add dynamic creation possibilities .. using templates not
activated (just an idea!)

__Linked Objets__

When an objet is linked to another or a board, when you move the main
one, the linked follow it at the same position, even if rotation are

__Pitch move__

Include a way to manage moves on pieces, token to simulate pitch games.
Pieces are moving and when a collision is done the other elements are


The current front card and back card are not linked when you use
rotation ... the result is a strange behavior ... It could be better
managed ... add the masked trait and try to understand wich result you
get !

Well simply just ideas that i wanted to share ...

Think different, think Vassal 4 !



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