[messages] [Module Design] Can a Marker name be a Basic Name?

JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 26 15:22:16 CET 2014

I'm not following what you're attempting to do. Is the GKC trait on the
same piece as the Marker trait? Are you intending for something to occur
at the Agrigentum location when this card is played? Is something being
sent there? 

If you're already using Zones, make sure the Location Format in the
Zone's properties is set to return $gridLocation$ rather than $name$
(which I believe is the default). What I usually do is draw my Zones to
correspond to regions or countries, then create an Irregular Grid within
each Zone and assign named Regions (with snapping turned off). That way
when my Zone returns $gridLocation$, it uses the nearest named region
whenever I want to report something--movement, elimination, capture,
step loss, etc. 

BasicName will always return or match against the name you enter for the
Basic Piece trait (the very top one that can't be deleted).

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