[messages] [Module Design] Can a Marker name be a Basic Name?

airjudden airjudden at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 26 18:41:33 CET 2014

I put an invisible piece on the space (in this case, Agrigentum).  That
piece has a marker with LocationName = Agrigentum

When you settle that area, you right-click to settle it.  It uses a
combination of Dynamic Property and the Layer command to place a house
on top of the invisible piece to show that you control it.

At the same time, I want it to locate the corresponding Agrigentum card
and put it in your discard pile.  I tried to use a Global Key command
that said when you see the key command that places your house, then go
locate the card and perform the discard key command on it.

To settle, I had CTRL-1
The command to discard is CTRL-D

My Global Key command looked like this:

Keyboard Command: CTRL-1
Global Key Command: CTRL-D
Matching Properties: BasicName==$LocationName$

That would allow me to copy the invisible marker to numerous locations
and then change the Marker (LocationName) for each one, and I could set
them up for Agrigentum, Syracuse, Rome, etc.

But it doesn't work.

If I go into each location's invisible marker and change the GKC
Matching Property to read:

ect, etc -- in other words the name of that location, then it works, and
the Marker Property can be deleted.

That's why I was wondering if I had a syntax error in my Matching
Properties field or if Marker Properties can't be used in that field.


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