[messages] [General Discussion] A couple of old questions that maybe are now possible?

Rindis rindis at backbreaker.com
Fri Feb 28 20:16:56 CET 2014

"BenWH" wrote:
> The other question; is it possible to create mouse over hotspots on a
> map - here I am thinking of popups that appear when you mouse over
> certain areas. Anyone tried that one?!

Have you thought about using the stack viewer? I think you can set it to
work with '0' units in the stack, it'll always give a small box with the
name of the area/hex at that point.

Or, set it to give the hoverover with one piece, and have a series
invisible non-selectable pieces on the map. You set them up with all the
trait values you need, then set the stack viewer to echo them. (Take a
look at _Federation & Empire_ module to see how complicated the stack
viewer can get.)

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