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Filip ari0ch at wp.pl
Tue Jul 1 01:31:22 CEST 2014

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"uckelman" wrote:
> I looked over those posts just now. What I saw was several requests
> for
> patches---which no one ever gave us---and a networking problem, which
> we
> typically have no capacity to troubleshoot ourselves. That doesn't
> look
> to me like a conflict with the design goals we had for 3.2 at the
> time.
> Am I missing something?

It was never my intention to tell you what you should do with your

However, as for the networking problem and your capacity to troubleshoot
specifically, I recall explaining in some thread what was wrong with
your early 3.2 private servers solution (I had to fix the same issues in
our 3.1.20 hack). However, instead of a rather simple fix you preferred
to do much more work and returned to unreriable P2P mode. Seriously, I
know next to nothing about programming and networking, but I somehow
managed to get my private server hack working properly with but a simple
modification, while at the same time whoever maintains that part decided
to code a lot only to arrive with new bugs and problems. That alone is
enough reason for me to stick to my modified 3.1.20 rather than update
to 3.2. I figured out that when I need something, I'm better off doing
it myself than waiting for someone probably better qualified to fix my
issue for me, at least as long as it's something I can actually do on my

Years ago, I started using VASSAL because it was the closest thing to
what I needed that was available at the time. Still, I'm using it for
something it wasn't specifically designed for (tabletop RPGs as opposed
to traditional board games). There's no point to bother you with
features and changes I need when you clearly know where you're going
with the project.

"uckelman" wrote:
> The class you want is VASSAL.tools.Mp3AudioClip. If you insist on
> doing
> this, you should take the one from the trunk, not the one from 3.2.12,
> as the one in the trunk contains a rather significant bug fix.

Thanks, that's exactly the sort of help I needed to get on the right

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