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Mu0n micjuneau at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 02:24:02 CEST 2014


I've been editing the X-Wing module since August 2013 and have now
arrived at an obstacle. The scenario I'm looking at is for 4 players
that may have various types of fleet. Each player has his or her own
damage deck. In each player's fleet, most ships are not associated with
a special damage deck, but some now are (due to the game evolving with
this new mode of play). Not everyone will field these special ships but
if they decide to do it, there might be multiple instances of these ship
(worst case scenario: 4 copies of a ship that has a special deck).

As of right now, the damage decks are accessed by all players in the
main window toolbar- there is 1 copy for each type of damage deck. This
isn't enough. For example, 2 players might need their own copy of the
same particular deck. They can't share the unique instance of the deck
that is present as of right now.

I need to "spawn" new instances of decks, hopefully controlled by the
player who initiated the spawn. I have no idea where to start looking
(though I will resume my scanning of the message history of this
sub-forum after clicking on Submit for this post).

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