[messages] [Module Design] Spawning multiple instances of a deck

Mu0n micjuneau at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 04:07:20 CEST 2014

homebrew plan for a solution so far:

Create empty, named decks in each player hand window (knowing I need at
most 5 of them. #1 will always be used, #2-5 *might* be used)

After clicking a button in the main window toolbar, I'd want to:

copy every card from a "reference" deck (possibly inaccessible,
untamperable?) and send all copies using a global key command and
"return to deck" to the player window, to the predetermined spot. I'd
want 2 such decks transfered in one go, to 2 specific deck areas in the
player having done the button click.

The reference deck isn't depleted, yet has transfered every copy of the
cards it has in the same ratios that they exist in the deck, ie, despite
drawing being random, despite the reference deck not depleting itself,
it would still carry out the deck cloning in such a way as the
destination deck is an exact copy, yet randomly shuffled.

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