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DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Tue Jul 1 15:30:18 CEST 2014

Attached is a quick sample. Just change the .zip to .vmod. This module
was created using 3.2.12 on a Windows XP system.

When you run the module, you have two decks - Deck A & Deck B. Both
decks have two card. Drag the cards from Deck A away from the decks. The
module is set so that when Deck A is emptied, Deck B is moved to deck A.
You'll note the module does exactly what's intended.

In the editor, Deck A (Properties) shows the "Send Hotkey when empty" as
checked and sends the hotkey   GetDeckB

Deck B (Properties) does NOT show "Include command to send entire deck
to another deck" as checked but if you check it, it will then display
that the  GetDeckB  hotkey is in place and that it will send the deck to
Deck A.

Simply put, if you don't remember that you have a "send entire deck"
command in place, you'd never know it unless you checked the check box.

As far as the last Vassal version is which this worked right ...I have
no idea. This is the first time I've noticed the problem. It may or may
not occur in earlier versions ...I just never noticed the problem till
now but I haven't done any serious module editing until just recently.

<!-- ia0 -->SendEntireDeckBug.zip<!-- ia0 -->
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