[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Minor Bug on Map Window Properites

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Jul 1 22:48:42 CEST 2014

Thus spake DrNostromo:
> Attached is a quick sample. Just change the .zip to .vmod. This module
> was created using 3.2.12 on a Windows XP system.
> When you run the module, you have two decks - Deck A & Deck B. Both
> decks have two card. Drag the cards from Deck A away from the decks. The
> module is set so that when Deck A is emptied, Deck B is moved to deck A.
> You'll note the module does exactly what's intended.
> In the editor, Deck A (Properties) shows the "Send Hotkey when empty" as
> checked and sends the hotkey   GetDeckB
> Deck B (Properties) does NOT show "Include command to send entire deck
> to another deck" as checked but if you check it, it will then display
> that the  GetDeckB  hotkey is in place and that it will send the deck to
> Deck A.
> Simply put, if you don't remember that you have a "send entire deck"
> command in place, you'd never know it unless you checked the check box.

Thank you for providing a minimal example demonstrating the problem.
This greatly simplifies the debugging task for us.

Here's the opening tag for Deck B in the buildFile:

<VASSAL.build.module.map.DrawPile allowMultiple="true" allowSelect="true" canSave="false" color="0,0,0" countExpressions="" draw="false" drawFaceUp="true" emptyHotkey="" expressionCounting="false" faceDown="Never" faceDownFormat="" height="100" hotkeyOnEmpty="false" maxStack="1" name="Deck B" owningBoard="Main_Board" reshufflable="false" reshuffleCommand="" reshuffleHotkey="63743,0,GetDeckB" reshuffleMessage="" reshuffleTarget="Deck A" restrictExpression="" restrictOption="false" reverseCommand="Reverse" reverseFormat="" reverseHotkey="" reversible="false" selectDisplayProperty="$BasicName$" selectSortProperty="" shuffle="Always" shuffleCommand="Shuffle" shuffleFormat="" shuffleHotkey="" width="100" x="150" y="50">

The problem is that




I'm now looking into how it could get that way.


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