[messages] [Module Design] Multiple Issues Building My First Module

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Fri Jul 4 11:26:16 CEST 2014

Thus spake orionsbell:
> First I'm on Mac OS 10.9.4 and running Vassal 3.2.11.

3.2.12 is out. It contains 17 bug fixes over 3.2.11, several of which 
affect MacOS X. I suggest that you upgrade.
> I'm trying to build a beta test version of my developing game and have
> already come across some issues.
> I used the Card Game example in the last two pages of the 3.1 Design
> Manual as a guide but have the following problems:
> 1) Can't get my second deck to display on the board.

We need more details in order to comment on this.

> 2) When cards are drawn into player hands, a copy of the back image
> cover the top left quarter of each drawn card.

This is controlled by the Mask property on each card. If you don't like
the inset, select a different "Display style"
> Up coming issues:
> 1) Decks contain cards that are both horizontal and vertically oriented.
> Mainly horizontal.
> 2) I want players to be able to rotate cards 90° both in their hand and
> when they place cards into the pay area.

Use the Can Rotate trait.

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