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Sat Jul 5 21:30:28 CEST 2014

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This is my first post on these forums. I am having a consistent problem
with the Twilight Struggle module version 3.1.1. I am unable to
participate in any online games. When I try to sync with a game, I get
an error message that says:

_ - Bad Data in Module: Liberation Theology [Basic Piece] - Map not
found mapId=1	Decks
 - Bad Data in Module: The Voice of America [Basic Piece] - Map not
found mapId=1	Main Map
 - Bad Data in Module: OAS Founded* [Basic Piece] - Map not found
mapId=1	American Hand_

The actual cards listed in the error change each game, but I always get
the error now. Then I am able to place influence as both sides, my cards
in hand have no values where their ops values should be, and I am unable
to headline a card. The game cannot progress at all.

If I start a game first and then someone tries to join, they are unable
to place influence or do anything to initiate the game.

I am running Vassal version 3.2.12. I successfully played 3 games with
this set up in the past. Last week I was in the middle of a game with
someone else. On turn 7 I played the South America scoring card, but at
the end of the round the game ended because it said the card was never
played. Ever since then I have had this problem. I have no idea if the
problems are related.

I have uninstalled Vassal and deleted the modules multiple times and
reinstalled fresh copies from the webpage. I have tried to uninstall and
reinstall Java. I am still having the problem. I submitted bug reports
with the errors multiple times. Does anyone have any information that
can help me?

__System Information:__
Windows 7 x64
Vassal Version 3.2.11
Twilight Struggle Module 3.1.1
Java version 8 and Java version 6 on my computer (Java 6 was download
with a Vassal reinstall after I had uninstalled older copies. It said it
needed a JRE and downloaded this)
12 GB memory
Processor: Nvidia 570 (i7, 3.05 GHz)

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