[messages] [Module Support] Error with Twilight Struggle Version 3.1.1

JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 17:09:31 CEST 2014

"Hetfield72" wrote:
> Update: I was able to successfully join a game with someone after they
> initiated it. This happened when I was trying to duplicate the error.
> He determined he was running an identical Vassal and TS module as me.
> This is the first person it has worked with recently, but I am still
> able to get the error by joining any other game. It still fails 99% of
> the time.

In the previous attempted games where you were getting the error, had
you verified before starting that the other person was using the
__exact__ same module version as you? 

I only ask because I played a couple games online recently and found
that the vast majority of the people playing live on VASSAL are still
using the older Twilight Struggle module (3.0.11). At one point I asked
someone why this would be, and he responded that he doesn't like the
newest one because he perceives all the prompts that come up to be
excessive handholding. I don't share that view at all, but perhaps it
explains why so many players persist in using the older module.

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