[messages] [Module Design] Multi-Version Bug: Numbered Grids scramble numbering

Rommel14 pfell.688 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 07:21:59 CEST 2014


I'm sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I originated this one with
v3.1.17, but the problem is still present in v3.2.12.

I have tried to create a rectangular grid with an a vertical axis of
alphas, listed first, then a horizontal axis with numbers (L-00, L-01,
L02, etc.).  I create the grid, set up the grid numbering, declare the
starting alpha / number for each axis, and click OK.

When I return later to view the grid, the numbering does not start with
"L" and the numbers do not start with "00".  What I see is something
like "S-39".  When I try to move the grid so that I decrease the numbers
or letters to the right spot, they never decrement.  As soon as "S"
disappears off the top, the "R" row instantly changed back to "S" again,
so I make no headway.  The same thing happens with the numbers as I try
to decrement them--they revert back to where they started once they
scroll off the edge of the grid.

This has happened in more than one module, so I don't think buildfile
corruption is the issue.  To get around this, I am required to dump grid
numbering altogether and rely solely on triggers that recognize
irregular grids and region names.  While this works most of the time,
it's not helpful and takes more time/effort in some cases.

Could someone please take another look at this?  The work-arounds are
killing me.  Thanks!

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