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Wed Jul 9 09:22:27 CEST 2014

Each such card enables player to pick up just one, specific actor card,
am I right?

Quick draft:

1. Assume a set of cards which enable a player to search through Actor
Library is called A.
2. Define a trait Marker SearchFor = 'Cary Grant' (or whatever actor may
be retrieved from the Actor Library) for each card belonging to A.
3. For each card from Actor Library define action Send To Location =>
player window. You need to find a way to evaluate Player Window based on
Player Name, somehow. Assign this action to, say, C-R.
4. For each card from Actor Library define Marker ActorName = 'Cary
Grant' (or whatever actor name is).
5. You would now define a GKC for each card belonging to A. Matching
Properties: DeckName == "Actor Library" && ActorName == $SearchFor$,
Global Key Command == "C-R". Give it a name, for example, "Retrieve

Now, on each card belonging to A you have a command "Retrieve Actor" --
when it's executed, module automatically searches through Actor Library
and retrieves corresponding actor and places it in player's hand.

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