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orionsbell joc at orionsbell.com
Wed Jul 9 23:49:14 CEST 2014

"grouchysmurf" wrote:
> Hints:
> * use GKC to send whole deck (i.e. each card) back to the, erm, deck
> (instead of multiple C-Rs, that would be tedious).
> * when deck is set to Reshuffle=always, there is no need to reshuffle;
> every time a card is drawn, deck is automatically reshuffled.

1) I don't understand what GKC is (I'm a newbie).

2) In a separate posting I also want a player to be able to look at X
cards on the top of the deck and put them back in an order they choose.
Wouldn't Reshuffle-always force the deck to reshuffle as each card is
placed back onto the deck?

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