[messages] [Developers] Release candidate for 3.2.13

uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Fri Jul 11 09:53:43 CEST 2014

We've accumulated some bug fixes since 3.2.12:

* 11148: Windows installer fails to uninstall old versions since 3.2.9
* 11112: DrawPile "Include command to send entire deck" does not persist
if no "Send Menu text" is set
* 10946: Z-order of pieces is not preserved in saves
*  4752: ConcurrentModificationException in
*  4505: BitstreamException in Mp3AudioClip$1.run()

None of these fix bugs which were new in 3.2.12---10946 in particular
has likely existed as long as VASSAL itself has---so there's no
particular rush to get this out. However, we've had quite a few reports
of 4752 (Java bug, we provide a workaround) and 4505, and 11148, 10946
also affect a lot of users (though are not crashes, so don't generate
many bug reports), so I'd like not to sit on these fixes either.

Builds available in the usual place:

[1] http://vassalengine.sourceforge.net/builds/

Read this topic online here:

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