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callmegreg sherer.grant at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 11:25:30 CEST 2014

This is a trick-taking card game for 4 players I used to play frequently
with my friends. I would love to see a functional multiplayer version
and, having just discovered Vassal, thought this would be a good
platform to make one. Unfortunately, I do not understand the workings of
the engine well enough to build my own module. All other online versions
are either against 3 AI opponents or no longer functioning (tractorcg on
google code). Any help would be appreciated. 

My apologies for the length of this post as a brief rules overview is
provided below. If you are interested in developing this module but need
more info I am happy to answer any questions.


The full rules can be found at http://www.pagat.com/kt5/tractor.html.

Some basic info: This game uses a 108 card deck (2x54 playing cards with
red/black jokers). The game has 2 phases "The Deal" and "The Play". 

During "the deal", players (in turn order) draw 1 card at a time until
each has a hand of 25 cards. While this drawing process is occurring,
trump is declared by revealing a card of a particular rank (defined
before each hand) that matches the suit you would like to declare as
trump. The remaining 8 cards are given to given to a particular player
(the "starter") who is allowed to exchange cards from their hand,
setting aside any 8 cards they choose face down.

During "the play", the "starter" starts play by playing one or more
cards (see rules for the "four kinds of lead") from their hand. Play
proceeds around the table with each player playing matching the lead as
best as they can (following suit/type of lead/etc.) and always matching
the number of cards played. The winner of the trick then leads to begin
the next trick. This continues until all players have played their
hands. The winner of the final trick gains possession of the 8 cards set
aside. Points are then tallied and the new "starter" is determined.

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