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"orionsbell" wrote:
> A) Deck with Deck Property "Re-Shuffle":Always (should it be Via
> right-click menu?) I don't always want a random selection if a set of
> cards have been returned in a particular order. I want the deck to be
> randomized at the beginning of the game.

Yes, if it's important that card order be maintained within the deck,
you should choose Reshuffle via right-click. Reshuffle Always means
there is no order maintained--every time something is taken from the
deck, it is a random pick from the contents at that moment. 

> B) At-Start Stack belonging to board "Play Area"
>     1) Single Piece in the At-Start Stack
>         a) Basic Piece Trait assigned a PNG graphic of the button
>         b) Does not stack Trait - Select Piece: normally; Move piece:
> never
>         c) Action Button Trait - Offsets:0; Width & Height: That of
> PNG file; Invoke Key Command: ?

This is not as intuitive as it should be, but you want your Action
Button offsets to be negative numbers that are precisely half of the
width and height values. Example: A button graphic that is 200 pixels in
width and 100 pixels in height would have: 

Button X-offset: -100
Button Y-offset: -50

This gives you the outcome of having a clickable area that matches the
size of the graphic. Invoke Key Command should be set to whatever you
select as the Reshuffle Hot Key of your deck.

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