[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Module hangs on a Deleted map

austeve79 austeve at stones.com
Wed Jul 16 22:16:58 CEST 2014

Must be  LENIX issue. I can not return my unzipped file back into a vmod
file that would allow my MAC and VASSAL 3.2.12.

When I unzip (by using my "The Unarchiver" app or iZip), I get a folder
with all the images and other hints in the directory. I can delete
unnecessary files.

Then when its time to return to a VASSAL file, I have used both the MAC
'compress' feature' and the iZip feature to 're-zip' the folder.

I tried to open the Zipped file directly from the engine, I tried simply
changing the extension then using the engine, I tried trying to 'open'
the folder. All without success.

Thus, obviously  VASSAL requires a specific zipping/unzipping method
that is associated with your LENIX machine.

I will dropbox you the file.


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