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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 17 14:32:40 CEST 2014

It's a good idea but I think you should put the annoyance more on the
developer - not the user. In a lot of cases users dont even know who the
module developer is or even how to contact them, especially if they dont
provide contact info. As such I would propose this: 

Whenever the developer goes to bring in their custom class through the
"add imported class" selection. Where the Input dialog box pops up
change the text from "Enter fully-qualified name of Java class to
import" to something like "Enter fully qualified name of Java 5 compiled
class to import" or before the input box pops up have a class compile
warning dialog box pop up first that they have to hit ok to that will
open up the input box.

Furthermore if the developer prefers to go in through the backdoor via
the buildfile, in almost everycase they have to do some sort of editing
around the <VASSAL.build.module.BasicCommandEncoder/> line.
If it is possible maybe you can build in a comment around this line
saying "Make sure your stuff is compiled in Java 5". That way they'll
always see it

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