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DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Fri Jul 18 05:47:14 CEST 2014

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I have found what appears to be a major glitch as I have no other
explaination for what's happening. I've gone through and rebuilt all the
controls, decks, etc. for 2 days with exactly the same results.

I'm using Vassal 3.2.12 but I did test it in 3.2.13_svn9135 with the
same result.

Here's how to repeat the problem with screen shots. Here's a link to
download the module.


1. Open the module. When asked for a user name, just hit "Cancel" to
bring up the main controls.

2. Start new game and pick the "Bear" player side.

3. Open the Card Table. Click the "Setup" button near the top of the
card table. This randomized some cards and decks. That's working fine.

4. The shield for the "Bear" clan is in the upper right part of the card
table. The Bear player clicks this shield to get a choice of races
represented by 2 cards that appear in the middle of the table as shown


5. The Bear player can click the "?" in the upper right hand corner of
each card to get information on that race. If you do so, you can right
click the info sheet and select "Close" to send it back.

6. All race cards have a dynamic property called "RaceSet" which is
initially set to 0. The map has the hotkey - CardTableSwitch - which is
applied to any piece that is placed on the card table. In this case, the
"RaceSet" variable is set to 1 as they land on the table. The chat
window shows test messages to show this is working properly.

7. The Bear player decides which card they want and they drag it to the
gray box next to the bear shield. This triggers the card (based on the
zone and "RaceSet" = 1) to reset the "RaceSet" on the remaining card and
sending back to the deck. You can see from this screen shot and from the
message that will appear in the chat window that this is working


8. Now, here's the weird part. If you click the card that's currently in
the grey box, it shifts and another card will appear in the far upper
left corner of the card table. These cards are also attached ...if you
move one, the other moves with it.


At this time, I have no trigger on the card that will operate if
"RaceSet" = 2. You should be able to click or move that card at will
with absolutely nothing happening. Also, the new card that appears is
not going to a region or zone ...it's just popping up somewhere near the
upper left corner.

[1] http://drnostromo.com/images/GlitchSample1.png
[2] http://drnostromo.com/images/GlitchSample2.png
[3] http://drnostromo.com/images/GlitchSample3.png

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