[messages] [Module General Discussion] Just Want to Change Some Images

rookiebatman rookiebatman at mail.com
Sat Jul 19 01:46:02 CEST 2014

I'm trying to figure out how to modify the art on some cards in a VASSAL
module, without changing anything about the properties or functionality
or how it works.  This seems like it should be a relatively simple
thing, but I poked around in Edit mode, and all I can see is the
selection from the existing list of images in the module, with no way to
add new ones.  So I tried unpacking the module and modifying the
existing images and then zipping it back into a .VMOD file, but when I
did that, it just says the file is not a valid VASSAL module. 

I tried Googling it, but it seems like there's all kinds of
documentation for how to _create_ a module, but nothing about how to
edit one.

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