[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Module hangs on a Deleted map

austeve79 austeve at stones.com
Sat Jul 19 02:13:01 CEST 2014

I read the words but am not proficient in doing what it seems is
necessary to fix this.

Thus what I understand is that when I unzip the file, these two
directories SHOULD appear but  they do not. And I would have to manually
put them back in before I zip it back up which is beyond my limited
knowledge of how MAC OS works in Terminal. I've looked into the net for
any guidance but don't understand what they are trying to tell me. 

I opened Terminal and typed unzip
PaulKoenigsFortressEuropeV1.01Test.zip. ( I changed the extension to ZIP
from VMOD)

I get this "unzip:  cannot find or open
PaulKoenigsFortressEuropeV1.01Test.zip.zip or

I moved the file into the computers directory (folder) and tried again
with the same results.

Is there a specific format that I need to type in?

Perhaps I've reach the end of what I can do. I was surprised to find the
the module size drops from 52 mb to about 13 when I clean out the
residual garbage I inadvertently left behind.  I am not going to start
all over again.

Thanks for the assistance. Wish I was more knowledgeable.


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