[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Module hangs on a Deleted map

austeve79 austeve at stones.com
Sat Jul 19 20:00:01 CEST 2014

THANK YOU! That solved it! My mistake was including the folder that was
made when I unzipped.

Compressing just the files and then renaming worked like a charm. Can't
express my gratitude enough.

I could have released the module has I had it, but it would have been
over 50 MBs; now its just a bit under 20 MBs.

Will toy with it a bit to ensure it works as intended (which is what I
expect but I would be remiss to post it without doing some sort of

It'll also allow me to go back and clean out my other modules.

Again, thank you for the assistance and screen shoots.


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