[messages] [Module General Discussion] Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game Updated

rookiebatman rookiebatman at mail.com
Sun Jul 20 11:13:51 CEST 2014

I'm not the designer, but I'm pretty familiar with it; maybe I can help.
 What, specifically, are you having trouble with?  

One thing that really confused me at first is that the chat window
(which usually just occupies maybe the top third of the screen) takes up
the whole screen when I first open it up, so at a glance it seems like
the board isn't even there.  If you go to the bottom of the screen where
the cursor changes to the arrows on both ends, and then just drag the
bottom border of the chat window up, then you'll see the main play board
and things should be a lot simpler from there (if that's the problem
you're having).

Also, if you're using the randomizer, always make sure you shuffle each
deck before drawing a card, otherwise it won't be random at all.

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