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Here is a screenshot showing the unzipped contents of a
properly-constructed module. You can ignore the notes.html and the 4
*.vsav files, as these are specific to this module and wouldn't be found
in yours or anyone else's. 

To be clear, you should see a minimum of 3 items: 

1. A file named __buildfile__
2. A file named __moduledata__
3. One folder named __images__

If your module contains predefined setups, you should see some files
ending in .vsav. 

All of the tools you need to do this are built into MacOS X already, you
don't need any additional utilities like the one you've been using.
Since you are getting a folder named PaulKoenigsFortressEuropeV1.02 when
you uncompress the item that you intend to be your module, that's a
clear sign that you've compressed the wrong thing in the first place.
Again, in the Finder, you simply need to double-click the
PaulKoenigsFortressEuropeV1.02 folder to open it up. Inside you will
hopefully have the 3 items I've listed above, plus any .vsav files
corresponding to predefined setups you have. Select all of these items
as a group, right-click, and Compress them. You then should get a ZIP
archive as the output. Rename this file to
PaulKoenigsFortressEuropeV1.02.vmod and it should be a valid module with
the expected internal structure.

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