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bangingbang beware_red_mist at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 20 17:32:14 CEST 2014

Hey all, I'm very new to all this so my apologies if this is all a
little silly.

The game I have requires 4 players and their cards in hand. Each player
has their own zone on the board that they play their cards into publicly
(from their private hands). Question: How do I make it so cards placed
on the board become public?

I also want some zones on the board designed so that players can place
their cards from their hands face down into it to be shuffled and

Finally, the way this is simulated is as if it's 4 people sitting around
a table. I don't believe there is a way for each player to have the
perspective that they're in the "main seat" (aka you're always sitting
at the bottom) but is there a way to make it so that the players on the
side "seats" have their cards horizontal so that it gives the aesthetic
of all the cards pointing inwards? So once played into their zone it
automatically flips it horizontally.

Can anyone tell me how this would be done? Thanks!

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