[messages] [Module Design] Follow-Up to Grid Numbering Problems

Ratty leymaster at nezumi.me.uk
Wed Jul 23 02:33:04 CEST 2014

"Brent Easton" wrote:
> Hi,
> It sounds to me like there is a bug in your module. It is next to
> impossible to diagnose these sort of problems based on a description
> of what is happening. Even with the module available, they are often
> so complex, that it is extremely difficult and time consuming to
> debug.
> So, the recommended procedure is to try and recreate the problem you
> are having in a new, cut-down module with just one track and a couple
> of pieces and just the minimum traits you need to implement the
> behavior and illustrate the issue. That has 2 benefits:-
> 1. You may well be able to diagnose the problem yourself once you
> simplify the situation to the simplest case. If it works in the
> simplest case, start adding your other layers of complexity in until
> it breaks.
> 2. Isolating a bug into a simplified module will save many hours, if
> not days of our time when we try and debug the cause of the problem. 
> When you get to this point, post the simplified module, plus a log
> file illustrating the problem occurring including commentary of what
> you expected to happen.
> Regards,
> Brent.

I normally do something a bit different but similar. Most of the time a
model has a prototype for most of it's traits. So I rename the prototype
trait with a 1 after it's name so the original counter can no longer see
it, and then create a new prototype and start copying each layer of
functionality from Prototype1 to the new Prototype, checking at each

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