[messages] [Module Design] Follow-Up to Grid Numbering Problems

Rommel14 pfell.688 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 04:47:55 CEST 2014


Thank you for your patience.  I understand that you cannot say
definitively what's happening without seeing my module, and I appreciate
that you do not want to make any specific comments about my
circumstance.  I just wondered if VASSAL was coded with this behavior in
all modules, as I had never been able to reproduce triggering upon
entering an area.  It appears that some modules can do this, which means
that I'm doing something incorrect, which is fine.  I'm no
module-building expert by any means.


> Generally it fires a command every time a piece is moved in or out of
> an area (as long as you have set up the Map to send out that call),
> how you add logic to that trigger is very much up to you.

I'm assuming that "it" is VASSAL itself.  That being the case, what
trigger on the Map will fire when you move a piece INTO an area?  Are
you referring to an option in the Map Window dialog box?  Can you point
me to a dialog box or option somewhere?  I'm not sure that I'm
understanding your comment fully.  Sorry--I don't mean to be dense.


If either of you can point me to a module that detects pieces when they
ENTER a Zone/Region/area, I could probably dig out the information I
need.  I just need an up-to-date module that definitely displays this
behavior.  Any example will do.

Thanks again for helping out a rookie.

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