[messages] [Module Design] Follow-Up to Grid Numbering Problems

JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 23 15:31:09 CEST 2014

"Rommel14" wrote:
> If either of you can point me to a module that detects pieces when
> they ENTER a Zone/Region/area, I could probably dig out the
> information I need.  I just need an up-to-date module that definitely
> displays this behavior.  Any example will do.

Although the topic was not quite the same, I recently posted an
extremely small proof of concept module that demonstrates this. As Ratty
said, everything hinges on the use of the Map window-level setting where
you can specify a keystroke to be applied to all pieces ending movement
on the map. That keystroke fires a Trigger on your piece, and the
Trigger uses a property match expression to basically query if the piece
is now in a certain zone __and__ wasn't previously (to avoid spurious
activations of the Trigger from someone reorganizing pieces or moving
things around in the zone). 

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