[messages] [Opponents Wanted] looking for an opponent in roads to moscow

gamer5609 marshalldragoo at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 05:19:52 CEST 2014

"Max1" wrote:
> I just got roads to moscow as my first wargame and somehow it seems
> that there are barely any people playing the game. It strikes me cause
> naturally there are few people playing wargames (especially in europe)
> and Roads to moscow seems like a good one (without having played any
> other wargame so far ;) ). So if your up for a game just post here or
> prefereably Email me on: Maxriedmann at web.de[1]

First wargame? Not a bad one, I just looked at the review on
boardgamegeek.com. I am not familiar with the game(don't own it) but it
looks interesting. Lot of guys like the simpler games(Euros). I started
on wargames myself. If there's another title we can try, I suggest The
Russian Campaign by Avalon Hill. May have to do PBEM but I know the
game(own it) and it's very simple as East front titles go. Welcome, Max.

[1] mailto:Maxriedmann at web.de

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