[messages] Edit: Re: [Module Design] Independent, Non-linear UNDOs

Charles McLellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Mon May 5 19:22:18 CEST 2014

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> As a general point, I would really discourage keeping your collection
> of VASSAL modules anywhere in the C:\Program Files hierarchy.
> C:\Program Files is a location intended for programs, but not data
> files associated with those programs. The VASSAL program itself is
> fine there, but individual modules are data, and should be kept
> elsewhere. A folder in your home directory (C:\Users\Charles) is
> ideal.

Point taken. I'll establish an other location going forward.

> Email the files to me direct to get around the file size. We'll get
> this taken care of for you. You've got my email from before

Not sure that attachments of this TRC4 size will pass through my ISP. I
believe that the largest that they pass is 5MB, these are currently
substantially larger. Will reduce significantly before actually
finishing the module. That is in the future.

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