[messages] [Module Design] Independent, Non-linear UNDOs

Charles McLellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Tue May 6 14:44:34 CEST 2014

Sorry for the delay. I ran through a full virus scan. Took much longer
than I thought. I was concerned that what I seeing was not actually
matching what you were achieving. Anyway, the virus scan is finally
finished, but I have several maintenance tasks are yet to be done. 

I don't know what that preceding message meant, to whom it was directed,
or from who it originated. Is it supposed to mean something?

Yes, Tim, the Return to Start fix works fine as the log file shows.
Thanks for all the help from all of you. I guess I have used a lot of
time the your parts. I am no where near finished with this, but I think
I had better do some study on my own with the design manual before
asking you to devote any more time to our TRC problems.

All the files that I loaded for this project into VASSAL's system
earlier can be deleted:


Please don't delete Tim's files yet as I will probably need to refer to
them in order to accomplish things like not printing a Logfile or
Movement Trace.

I have a lot of other old files lying around for other modules. I have a
number of on going projects, but I will get to them in time and post
them for deletion also. Somewhere you are paying for needless extra
storage space.

PS: I will make a VASSAL donation <g>.

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