[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Additional Selection Higlighters BUG ?

ertiyu ertiyu at hotmail.fr
Fri May 9 11:55:24 CEST 2014

Maybe a bug
"Additional Selection Higlighters" does not work.
During the establishment phase of the module is OK.

result sought


But once started, no.


If I reissues, the function does not work.

It needs to copy / paste and rename and establishment mode is ok.

But once revived, no.

Link to "TEST" module

Thank you in advance for the answers.

PS: I'm French, Sorry for my english, I pass by Google Translate

[1] https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-tU1e8bbXrxg/U2ydNSnl1HI/AAAAAAAAArc/dDcIEuW8Cgc/w144-h124-no/image+ok.PNG
[2] https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-3HEqbfowrRU/U2ydNaZnhBI/AAAAAAAAArg/jx_P6w38lPE/w122-h103-p-no/image+no.PNG

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