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Greggy gbeining at att.net
Sat May 10 17:25:41 CEST 2014

I'm trying to build a module with build 3.2.11 / Vista operating system.
I had created an historical map (.PNG) which I later found had some big
boo-boos. I fixed the problems, but saved the _new _map under a
different name (still .PNG) because I want to use the original map for
something else. I deleted the old map from the module and added the new
map. The size of the module _increased_ by the size of the new map. 

OK. Removed the module from the Library, cleared the cache and then
opened the module. Same size.

Drat. Deleted the map board section. Saved the module under a _different
name_, cleared the cache, then removed the module from the library and
cleared the cache again (just for good measure). Opened the newly named
module and, after adding the new map, saved it.

The size of the module __increased__ again by the size of the new map!  

When I load the module I notice it tiles ALL the maps for the map board
with the latest last.

What am I doing wrong that prevents me from getting rid of the old maps?


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