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grouchysmurf lgrabun at gmail.com
Sun May 11 22:33:55 CEST 2014

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Yeah, I thought this might be the case BUT check the out the
documentation for GKC piece trait (piece trait, not that from the map):

_A leader counter and infantry counters both have Marker traits to
specify their nationality and type.  A Layer trait represents the
rallied state of an infantry counter, uses CTRL A to activate the layer,
and uses Rally as the name.  A Global Key Command on the leader counter
can select and rally all infantry counters within two hexes of the same
nationality that are not rallied by specifying Range=2 and matching
properties type=Infantry && nation=$nation$ && Rally_Active=false._

As I read it, $nation$ originates from the piece triggering the GKC --
as in my case. It is then passed to the target piece and the condition
is evaluated.

Which implies that either documentation is screwed up or generic traits
are not properly processed by the GKC -- contrary to the custom (i.e.
nation) ones.

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