[messages] [Module Design] Using piece Global Key Command Questions.

Flaney flaney at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 06:17:54 CEST 2014

Hello Folks,

When a piece having a MarkerProperty [ Empire = Narn ] executes a GKC
with Matching[ Bank=={Empire} ], will the GKC text command reach a()
matching unit(s) located on another board (or MapWindow) having a
MarkerProperty [ Bank = Narn ]? 

I think this works...

However, when I put that GKC into a Prototype Property, the behavior
fails. Does the Prototype Property prevent the resolution of finding the
other board location in a different Map Window?  It does seem to find
all matching units from the same Map Window it occupies.

Putting the GKC into a Prototype would allow me to make the Properties
in the Prototype generic so that I could copy it to similar units of
different nationalities and maintain standardization of behavior.

I want to exhaust the possible methods of making this happen before
resorting to crazy implementations of sending self-destructing units
that sends the GKC in the MapWindow where the target command text needs
to be issued.


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