[messages] [Module Design] GKC and location==$location$?

grouchysmurf lgrabun at gmail.com
Tue May 13 15:05:56 CEST 2014

Tim, are you pulling my leg? Like, that I am stupid or something and
it's just a good opportunity to make fun of someone?

You wrote:

_Citing the example - How can only one property (in this case the value
of "nation" be resolved on the originating piece and passed on to other
pieces and yet the other properties in the expression are not passed on?
Why do you think this happens and what in the example lead you to
believe this? _

And back to what I had quoted:

_type=Infantry && nation=$nation$ && Rally_Active=false_

All other properties in the expression are constants i.e. no need to
resolve them on any level, in any context.

Also, let's take a closer look at the $nation$ property and the
description from the documentation, which says _A Global Key Command on
the leader counter can select and rally all infantry counters within two
hexes of the ___same nationality___ that are not rallied by specifying_

What do the words "same nationality" refer to? My guess is that they
refer to the nationality of the leader counter -- is this wrong
assumption? If, however, they refer to the nationality of the "target"
counters i.e. these which are to be rallied, what do you need the
condition "nation=$nation$" for as, no matter what, in context of the
__target counter__ __it is always true__? And additionally: in they
refer to the targe counters, what is then a difference between GKC
defined in context of a counter and one defined on a map level -- if it
is just the range, which can be defined on the former, then its use is
pretty limited.

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