[messages] [Module Design] Using piece Global Key Command Questions.

Flaney flaney at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 23:42:28 CEST 2014

"DrNostromo" wrote:
> [Y]ou have to include the window in your property matches: For example
> CurrentMap = $(map containing the pieces you want to send the GKC to)$
> && Bank = Empire

Does the Window or board property name need the __$__'s notation? How
would I implement a board named "Centauri Forcepool" where I want to use
a Marker to substitute the "Centauri" portion, say like CurrentMap ==
Empire +" Forcepool"

I am finding the new {...} notation and the $...$ for Matching to be
quite confusing. Can anyone detail a quick list of rules/ examples for
the current methods?



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