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Wed May 14 16:54:54 CEST 2014


I don't know the answer, but am just getting started here with exactly
the same question.  

Within the ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) world, I see that there is a
broken extension by the name of, "WebDice".  When I try it, it simply
states, "Internet dice roll attempt failed."  However, it does show an
attempt to send a confirmation email to my personal address along with a
subject line that includes the previous chat line contents.  So, someone
at least tried to get it working in the past and, perhaps, it even
worked at one time.

My requirements are the same as the WebDice, it seems:
1.  User clicks a button for either one die or two,
2.  VASSAL sends the request to a web dice roller and retrieves results
for display within the module,
3.  Webdice also sends confirmation emails to both players with results
(and includes previous line of text in chat area as subject)

I found an excellent web dice roller that might work well: 

This site is set up so that if you add certain text to the end of the
URL, the dice roller will adjust to the parameters needed.  

For example: 
.../securedice/?op=&dq=2&ds=6&mds=6&dt=1&to=bob_jones at gmail.com&sub=test

This will automatically roll 2d6 and send the results to
bob_jones at gmail.com[2] with the subject of "test".  This site also
includes in the email a confirmation/validation code to ensure that it
hasn't been hacked.  Very nice.

If there are any veteran extension creators out there that wish to
create this extention- I would appreciate the help.  Or, any hints in
how to proceed would also be welcomed.  As I said, just getting started.
 Not even sure if this is possible.


[1] http://www.rpglibrary.org/software/securedice/
[2] mailto:bob_jones at gmail.com

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