[messages] [Module Design] Moving all pieces from one board to another?

xeren spampowered at hotmail.com
Wed May 14 18:16:13 CEST 2014

Hi folks, total newbie here, so forgive me if this has been asked and
answered, I attempted to search the forum and it rejected my search as
having too many common words. I've also dug through the manuals, faq,
and googled a bit, but I'm certainly new enough that I may have missed
the answers.

__I'm trying to figure out how to shift all of the pieces on one board
to another board.__ Each board is hex gridded, with one or more pieces
occupying one hex.

__I want to move all of the pieces and maintain their positions__, and I
want to be able to do this across an arbitrary number of boards, so you
start the game on 'map 1' and you can progress up to 'map n', each time
moving all pieces and maintaining their positions.

Related, two other issues:

First, I'm using maps I've found online as backgrounds, which tend not
to be the same size - __I need to ensure that the hex grid is
identically sized across all maps__, otherwise the transitions aren't
going to work. How can I ensure the hex grid is x hexes across by y
hexes tall, regardless of the map image size?

Second and probably trickier, __I need to move the _terrain_ of any
_occupied_ hex with the unit__. I know the map image is simply an
underlay of the hex, but I'm wondering do the hexes themselves have
property fields that can be accessed or edited? If so, I'd want to
modify the attributes of the hexes on one map, and have those transfer
over to the hexes on the next map, overwriting the new hexes.

Failing that, if hexes have no inherent properties, I'd be ok with
simply placing terrain 'pieces' and having those move along with the
units/buildings/etc in the hex - we're prototyping this, so we can
handle having the weirdness of a background image terrain that doesn't
match what the hex has 'inherited' from a previous map.

If there are tools out there to automatically create terrain
(essentially building a random terrain hex world map) that would be
awesome, but failing that, I can use other methods to simulate the
terrain in occupied tiles and 'moving' it from board to board.

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